6 Space, Time & Money Saving Adventure Travel Hacks

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True adventure doesn’t happen on autopilot. To experience the very best the geography has to offer, you have to jump in with everything you have. So when your bags are packed, the expedition is booked and you touch down in new territory, don’t forget to make it your mission to have the time of your life. Follow these six hacks to save space, time and money as you seize the moment and make the most of your adventure.

1. Do the math.

Toting your gear can be tough—and expensive. For example, some airlines will charge as much as £300 to transport your surfboard one way. Plus, luggage handlers won’t be nearly as loving as you are. To save yourself some worrying and financial stress, you have a couple of options. You can ship it to and from your destination, or you can rent gear when you get there. At Adventure Pass we’re strong advocates for raising the quality of rental gear all over the world, but your choice mostly comes down to how important it is to use your own gear. Is the difference between using your gear and using rental gear worth £300?

2. Dive right in.

Make every second of your trip count by doing something as soon as you touch down. Before you head to the airport, get commission free currency from the Post Office or download a currency converter app to save yourself from having to do on-the-spot calculations (XE Currency App is a popular choice). Many airlines allow you to bring a single personal item aboard as well as your carry on and this one will make all the difference. So when you reach your destination you’ve got some money, can grab some, bottled water and energising snacks and start your trip as you mean to carry on with a long hike, an afternoon surf or a brisk ride through the mountains.

3. Find your place

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo, advocates an immersive travelling experience by striking up conversations with local guides, waiters, bartenders, shop attendants and even perfect strangers. This will bring amazing richness to your adventure. You might be surprised to learn about the local flavour, getting great restaurant recommendations, and insider information like secret surf breaks or the best spot to hit the slopes. If you’re nervous about starting, finding a local is easier with sites like Couchsurfing & Showaround. With a local, you’ll find cheap eats and cheap ways to get around which will help bring your budget down.

4. Pack like a pro

There’s a mountain of tips out there for making the most out of your baggage allowances, but the best one for adventurers is using the extra space your gear can actually give you. If you decide to ship or rent your gear, fill your ski bag with small personal gear, like helmets, gloves, and goggles. Even more substantial pieces like snow boots, poles, and bulky coats or base layers will fit without resistance, so take advantage of the extra space and check the bag. To remember how you managed to squeeze everything in without stressing the zipper, take a picture. You can refer back to the photo later when it’s time to repack and head home. Check out Tortuga Backpacks’ Blog for more tips from travel pros.

5. First class on an empty wallet

Airport lounges used to be the bastion of the rich and frequent business travellers. Now with companies like Priority Pass for an annual fee (you can find promo codes all over the internet for this) you can get lounge access at most airports for £15 a visit. You get free wifi, food & drink and a quiet place to relax all for the price of a measly lunch or breakfast at any of the airport restaurants. Rather than rushing to the airport to be on time, give yourself a couple of hours there to relax and eat as much as you like.

6. Avoid unwanted excitement

The best way to save time and money is to prevent the worst case scenario—like identity theft. Before you leave, email yourself a copy of your ID, passport and any other important documents like receipts and confirmation numbers. When you’re exploring, don’t keep all of your money and credit cards in one place. To make sure you aren’t in danger of losing everything at once, store some in your pocket, some in your bag and keep some safely locked away. Most things are easily replaceable, but your identity is another story, so take proper precautions to ensure safe travels.

You’re not the lay back and chill type. You want to squeeze every drop of adventure out of life, and we’re here to help you do that. If you’re looking for deals on outdoor adventures, we have you covered. With special discounts on gear and experiences, Adventure Pass is the only way to go. Sign up to our outdoor inspiration mailing list to get great ideas on activities and  a 25% discount on your first Adventure Pass


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