Where can I use my Adventure Pass?

As you’ll have seen on the map on our home page, we have partner rental shops in a number of our favourite places in the UK.  But it doesn’t end there we actually already have partners in the Alps, Rockies & California too. They will be coming online as we head toward the ski season. After Ski & Snowboard areas we’ll be looking at activities in the traditional backpacking regions of South America, Southeast Asia and Australasia.

If you have any suggestions please email us at hello@adventure-pass.com with any detail you have and we’ll do our best to get a shop in that area on board.

What will I be able to hire?

You’ll be able to hire all the essential equipment needed for that activity for example if you’re going skiing you’ll need skis, bindings, boots and helmet, surfing – a board, leash and wetsuit (if it’s cold), mountain biking – bike & helmet. 

Does the discount cover tuition?

Not all rental shops offer tuition but where they do the majority will apply the discount to tuition. You can help here though, when you come across an an instructor who is not one of our partners, if you can persuade him to join as soon as they have agreed we’ll refund you the cost of the lesson.

Can you guarantee the quality of the equipment?

We are only partnering with shops that currently have a strong reputation for quality.  But there are perks & discounts to be had when you rate each shop based on your experience of their service and the quality of their gear. This information will be crucial to us being able to offer a guaranteed level in the future.

What if there’s not a partner shop where I am going?

Though we hope you’ll always use our site to find a partner shop wherever you are, as we grow the network there may be odd occasions where we haven’t found a suitable partner. In these circumstances as long as we have a week’s notice, we are confident we can bring a partner on board.

I’m travelling can you forward my card to somewhere on my trip?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere. We find the best option is a hostel, but can equally send it to one of our rental shop partners. It takes about 10 days from order to have a pass delivered. If that’s too long and you need discount sooner email us hello@adventure-pass.com and we’ll try our best to make sure you get the benefit of your card even if you haven’t physically got it in your hands.

How often can I use my Adventure Pass?

You’re Adventure Pass lasts a year and during that time you can rent as many times as you like. 

Does my discount apply to my friends & family?

We’d love your friends and family to get Adventure Passes too because the discount can only be applied to you the Pass holder.

Do you cover insurance?

We do not cover insurance, but it is one of the facilities we would like to offer to complement buying the pass in the future. Until then, it is up to pass holders to ensure that have adequate insurance to cover the activity they are participating in. 

Does the discount cover lift fees for ski areas or other costs to entry?

Our focus is purely on the equipment  & tuition you need for the activity you are participating in. We do not cover resort specific entrance fees or lift passes but it is one of the areas we look to expand our offer to in the future.

I want to give a pass as a present, can you help?

An Adventure Pass is a great idea for a present or stocking filler! We’ve added a personalisation option before you add a card to your basket which allows to put anyone’s name on the card and have it delivered to any address you like. All we ask is that you click the is this a ‘present for someone else’ check box so we know who to address the letter to.

Do you have customer service team?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365 on 0131 5162866 or email hello@adventure-pass.com

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