Top UK Spots for an Adrenaline Rush

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If you’re not interested in another relaxing holiday at the beach, it might be time to expand your horizons. When it comes to adventure in the UK, there are actually a wealth of possibilities. The sky is the limit, literally. Embrace the opportunity to satisfy your inner pioneer and venture into new territory.

Climbing, diving, caving and splashing into the waves are only a few of your options when it comes to immersing yourself in the beautiful natural landscapes nearby. Though under celebrated as such, the UK is an ideal destination for extreme sports enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike. So when you’re ready to start planning your next escape, look to this list as inspiration. These top ten thrilling adventure experiences and stunning destinations are worth a little more exploring.

Bungee jump from the Transporter Bridge

You’ll climb 210 steps to the top before meeting your jumpmaster and taking the 200-foot plunge towards the River Tees. It’s becoming one of the world’s most popular jump sites, and for good reason.

SUP & Surf in the Outer Hebrides

The coastal waters around the Hebrides are warmer than most of Scotland because of their proximity to the Gulf Stream, which brings warmer waters up from the Southern Atlantic. This brings with it an abundance of sea life like dolphins, porpoises, whales and Orca as well as an excellent swell. Head over to Surf Lewis for all the gear you need to take to the water.

Conquer the rapids in Perthshire, Scotland

Rent a kayak or white water raft and take a trip down the River Tay, the longest river in Scotland. Find a local water sports center and show your companions how to navigate the raging waters with ease.

Bravely Scale the Rocks at Keswick

Climbing enthusiasts will find their oasis in the Lake District, where they’ll encounter challenging routes and stunning views. Keswick is the perfect destination for climbers of any skill level. The Peak District is also well-loved due to the varied landscape.

Explore the Peak District’s Acclimbatize

This caving expedition service is owned and operated by two seasoned spelunkers. They’ll guide you as your group ventures deep underground to see majestic waterfalls and otherworldly rock formations.

Go Coasteering in Abereiddy (North Pembrokeshire)

Take in the view of the Welsh coast as you run, climb, swim and jump around the cliffs, caves and pools. This location is great for groups and families because it takes you through a calm lagoon instead of the open ocean. You can even take a jump into the clear waters of the former quarry.

SnowBike in Scotland

Snowbiking is the perfect transformation from summer to winter sports. Not to mention, it’s easy! Anyone who can ride a bike can ride a Snowbike. The hilly topography of Scotland makes it a great place to go ski-biking. Since it is further up North, snow falls much closer to the sea level. There are a number of resorts to choose from, but Gulabin Outdoors at Glenshee is our top pick!

Mountain bike in Snowdonia

After the latest King Arthur blockbuster hit theatres, its film location Snowdonia has also become a hit. But it’s not just a film set, Snowdownia is perfect for mountain biking. Antur ‘Stiniog has seven fantastic downhill mountain biking trails (graded blue to black) and the best mountain bike uplift service in the UK. 

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